March 5, 2012


The world is a smelly place these days.  I went through about a month where I smelled very little, but as of last week the world has been full of odors. They still aren’t necessarily caused by environmental cues – although my time on the treadmill triggers an ammonia type smell, which I can only assume is my body odor!  Current odors consist of the soap smell, an ammonia smell, and an oily smell (maybe olive oil). This week I have had an odor in my nose over 80% of the time. Perhaps my sniffer is trying to start sniffing again. Only time will tell.

Energy Level

I’d say I’m functioning at about 95%.  If I could only cut back on the late nights and busy schedules with the girls, maybe I’d make it to 100%.

I am still trying to exercise everyday. The days I exercise are the days I feel the best and have more energy.An average week of exercise consists of 4-5 days of 30-40 minutes of cardio and at least 2 days of strength training at the gym (one session with my trainer and one class). I’ve almost gotten to the point where I experience withdrawals on the days I don’t exercise. I consider this a good sign. My body sees the benefit and is trying to tell me to keep it up.

Weight Goals 

Only 21.5 more pounds to go!

Mental Health

Life is good!

Still have down days, but don’t we all.

Overall, tonight I would say life is good!


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  1. Jim says:

    Hmmm….Wine = better sense of smell?

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