The Cloud is Lifting – Praise for What’s NOT in My Head

My last 6 month follow-up with Dr. Jean at Georgetown confirmed that I still do NOT have a tumor or any remnants of foreign tissue in my brain. Praise the Lord!

But the news gets even better…

I also got an all clear to begin yearly check-ups instead of scans every 6 months. This is an amazing blessing – not just for peace of mind, but also for insurance, gas mileage, and scheduling with 4 children.

We are feeling very blessed this month with the knowledge of what is NOT in my head.

The journey is not over, but the cloud is starting to lift even if just by 6 months.

As you know I’ve been out of the world of blogging for several months. My mind has been clouded, but not with tumors. Thoughts, anxieties, and chaos can cloud even the healthiest of heads. A cloudy head has kept me from writing, but today I take time to release the chaos and count my blessings. For my head is not only empty of tumors, but much of the cloud of chaos has been lifted.

- In August my mother began chemo treatments for Leukemia. After a physically draining battle, she has finished 6 rounds of chemo and is in remission. I was unable to be with her in body as often as I would have liked, but my mind has been with her throughout. She is a strong , stubborn, southern woman, who fought her battle with faith and grace. I am proud to be her daughter and thankful for God’s healing hand. The cloud is lifting.

- This fall I had plans to continue blogging and even work on a book. However, God had other plans. With the help of Julie, Lynn, and Tammy, we began an American Heritage Girl troop in Bristow, Virginia. As the troop coordinator, I spent many hours with these women planning, laughing, and building a troop for over 45 girls in the community. Little did I know I would not see the year through, but instead have the privilege of handing my leadership off to a very dear, driven, God-fearing, and passionate woman, who I am now blessed to call friend. The cloud is lifting.

- Then in November rather expectantly, we heard God’s call to sell our house and place an offer on a piece of land near Charlottesville. Within 24 hours the house was sold, and within a week we were on our way to being land owners. Packing, Christmas, and more packing filled our days ¬†and our minds as we moved in with Rob’s parents in January. We’ve now closed on the land, finalized building plans, and settled into a new routine in a world of transition. Life is good. The cloud is lifting.

I am not going to make any promises about regular blogging but I can say I am starting to see more clearly.

Thank you all for your continued prayers, encouragement, and love!

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