Five Years


Today is a day to remember. Today is a day to celebrate.

However I have wrestled for the last week with the words to express my feelings for this significant day in my life. The weight of today seems heavier than most anniversaries because it marks 5 years. Surely there are profound words to be said and deep thoughts to be shared. Yet, up to this point I have failed to find them. And even still may fail to express them well.

On the morning of the 5th anniversary of my brain surgery, I realize the words haven’t come because today is just like any other day in our energetic home – early morning risers, school to be taught to eager minds, meals to be made for children growing all too fast, and laughter and love to be shared. Today is just a normal Thursday.

I want today to be significant, because it marks a change in my life that yearly MRIs won’t soon let me forget.  But in reality this longing for significance is my hope for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I don’t just want to remember today for the surgery and the lessons learned, I want to live out this memory today and every day.

I want to live each day with intention as if it carries its own significance. I don’t need an anniversary for the day to be significant. Today is a gift, as is tomorrow, and the next day. Nobody is promised tomorrow, and I want to live today and everyday remembering that fact.

I want to keep my heart focused on the eternal. The circumstances of any given day fight to pull my attention to the world around me and the things (or people) I can’t control. Whether this is the mild annoyances of any day, the latest breaking news, or the life-shattering phone calls that inevitably will come, my heart and eyes can face every circumstance if they are focused on the hope of my Savior. I learned this when our own earth shattering call came in 2012 diagnosing me with a brain tumor, but I can live it even today. I WANT to live it even today.

Today is a day to remember. Today is a day to celebrate the gift of LIFE, and that’s what I attend to do. Today will be significant because the sun rose again, conversations will be had, and new moments will unfold. You and I have the privilege to face this day with hope.

Today and every day I will remember the events of 2012 by striving to live each day with intention and an eternal focus. All life is meant to be remembered. All life is meant to be celebrated.

Happy 5 years, Toomy*! Thank you for reminding me of the gift of LIFE**!

*Toomy – the fond name we gave my brain tumor. Read more about Toomy and my whole brain tumor story at

**LIFE – Living Intentionally, Focused Eternally

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