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  1. Joan and Terry says:

    Each time we catch-up with you via “Inside Rose’s Head”, I am moved to tears and inspired by your faith, your strength, and your deep spiritual insight. God is amazing … and so are you, Rose Jones! We love you all!

  2. Debbie Wheeler says:

    Dear Rose and Rob,

    You don’t know me but I feel as if I know you. Your blog has been blessing me since Bob and Delight Jones shared it with me a few months ago. I wish I could write as eloquently as you both so I could express just how much your blogs have meant to me and those with whom I’ve shared them. Your journey is personal but your faith and courage and victory are universally uplifting. One in particular, “Resting” I shared with a co-worker who just knew that the Holy Spirit meant for her to read it that day. One of my Life Group’s members works for a local Chick-fil-A so I’ve shared some of your stories to show how anyone of us at any time can help someone in ways we could never imagine if we just keep our eyes open and listen with our spirit. Because of you I had my very first Peppermint Chocolate Chip milkshake…wow!! You are both amazing individuals and although you don’t know me I wanted to let you know how much your blog has meant to me and to others. You are in our prayers and I hope one day I’ll be buying a book by a beautiful young author named Rose Jones. Love, Deb Wheeler

  3. Vicky McDaniel says:

    So very glad to hear you are doing so well. Still in our prayers. Keeping Paul and Christi updated. You and your strong faith are lifting me up. Thank God for his blessings and pray for his constant moment to moment healing. Tell Mom hello and I love you all.
    Love, Vicky

  4. Kim, Joe, Peyton & Ethan Raeder says:

    We are all praying for your recovery :O)

  5. John Sadler says:

    Rose and Rob,

    I’m praying for you today. You have encouraged me with your faith and praises during this dfficult time. Rose I’m praying for your pain to go away, and for you not to need the drugs any longer. I’m praying you stop taking those drugs and that you leave them behind. I’m praying for your body to heal Rose, and for Rob to have patience beyond patience. Take care my good friends. I rejoice that you were able to celebrate Thanksgiving.
    Praise God!

  6. Michael, Leslie, and Family says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you today. We are blessed to have all of you, extended family included, in our lives. We are so proud to call you our friends, and we love you as family.

  7. Lisa Brown says:

    Rob and Rose,
    We continue to pray for all of you during this recovery period. And we also thank you for sharing your journey with us. You help remind us all that we have much to be thankful for. And God does answer prayers, but not always the exact answers we requested. And yet, we still have much to be thankful for. Even as Thanksgiving won’t be quite the same this year, may you enjoy all the blessings that this day brings.
    Love and prayers,
    The Brown Family
    Phillip, Lisa, ‘Lissa and Brandon

  8. Linda Taylor says:

    Dear Rose, Rob and Children – You are in my prayers at this time of struggle. May God’s love and the love of your family and friends surround you and blanket you with the comfort you need as you begin to heal. Hugs!
    Dori’s mom – Linda

  9. Jonathan says:

    Rose/Rob & Family:

    I’m thinking about you folks and the ordeal you have been through, and continue to deal with. I look forward to seeing you all soon, with this nightmare nothing more than a bad, bad memory. No pun. Please get better soon!!!! A right, then a right…two doors down>

  10. Cori Fitzgerald says:

    I work with Delight at Bon View and have been amazed by your family’s strength throughout this ordeal. I am so glad the surgery was successful and hope for more good news from pathology.You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. Aunt Patti says:

    Keeping each of you constantly in my heart and in my prayers. This too shall pass. Just not quickly enough right now in this particular moment.

    Warm hugs to you both and praise to our Heavenly Father for tenderly watching over you.

  12. Dana Eudailey says:

    So happy that everything went “textbook” okay yesterday and that Rose is now on the road to recovery. I will continue to keep everyone in my prayers during the recovery period. In case you do not recognize my name, I am Dawn Rich Hardman’s mom.

  13. Eileen and Mike Riselli says:

    Dear Rose and Rob,
    Please know that we continue to pray for you. Thank God the surgery is now behind and the news of a benign tumor resulted. You are a special team and your love for each other and God is your strength.
    All or love and best wishes for a speedy recovery!!!!

    Eileen and Mike Riselli

  14. Margaret & Curt Dierdorff says:

    Rob & Rose—Just a note to let you know that we won’t stop singing and praying!!! Thanks so much for your wonderful blog! Know that you are loved and cared for, and that prayers for a full and speedy recovery are with you!

  15. Lisa Brown says:

    Rob and Rose,
    Good Morning! Just sending good wishes your way. May today bring rest and healing as Rose begins the recovery process. So glad that things went “textbook” yesterday. What a relief and an answer to many prayers! Take care, and may you continue to feel wrapped in love from family and friends that are both near and far!
    Love and prayers,
    The Brown Family
    Phillip, Lisa, ‘Lissa and Brandon

  16. Kelly Starbuck says:

    I just wanted to let you know that you have many people still praying for your family. I grew up with Rosemary at HRBC and she was someone special even then. She was a dear friend and we are praying for you all. We will continue to follow your recovery and pray for the Lord’s hand upon your family.

  17. Nikki says:

    Thanks so much for the update Rob. Praise God for the good news! We’ve been praying for Rose and your family all morning and will continue to pray for you all. Love, The Buermeyers

  18. Dana Eudailey says:

    My prayers are being lifted up for you and your family today. Your postings have been an inspiration to me and I know God is with the surgeons today and you are in his protective care.

  19. Dennis Davidson says:

    I often wonder if it is more difficult to experience such a life situation, or to sit by helplessly as someone you love is suffering so. I have been on both sides and I still do not know. Please know that I will hold all of you in prayer and love as you are going through this. Try, if you can, to remember that God has a divine plan. Only He knows what the final picture is suppose to look like. Our job is simply to do our very best every day and trust that God has only our best interest planned for us.
    Blessings of light and love.

  20. Lisa Barock says:

    I have been thinking about you a lot through all of this and will be keeping you and your family in my prayers.
    Much love,
    Lisa Barock
    (I work at Bon View)

  21. Sara Sharp says:

    Rose, I have been praying for you and continue to pray for you during your surgery. Thanks for sharing your heart for God. It has been an enormous blessing to me and, I am sure, many. You are loved by many and especially by God, as you obviously already know. God IS good, all the time!!

  22. Just found your blog this morning. Will be praying all day for your strength and healing and a multitude of other things that are flooding my mind right now.

  23. Lisa says:

    Rob and Rose,
    Just a quick note to let you know that we are lifting you up in prayers this evening and tomorrow. We know that God is guiding you through every step of this journey, and he has placed wonderful people in your life to walk with you. Blessings to you and your families, and may you rest some this evening! We are certain that tomorrow comes with so many emotions. Know that we are with you in spirit, and we’ll look forward to the updates! We’ll be in touch soon!
    Praying for you,
    The Brown family
    Phillip, Lisa, ‘Lissa and Brandon

  24. Michelle Kilby says:


    Happy Belated Birthday!!

    Mike and I will be keeping you and the family in our thoughts and prayers this week as you face surgery. We belong to a God who knows every hair on your head (even the ones that you will lose soon.. :-)) so how much more does he love and care for us all! Although we don’t always understand things that happen in our lives, there is a purpose for everything. I have asked Rob several times, but if I/we can do anything at all please let me know!

  25. Rose – I was so sorry to hear about all you’re going through right now. Please know that I will be praying for you and your family. Please don’t be shy about asking for help. We are here but don’t want to overwhelm you. Please be brave and turn your life and will over to the care of God and let Him do all the work through your doctors, friends and family.

    Much Love,


  26. Lizzie Barnes says:

    I have been thinking of you quite a bit in the past few days since I heard your news. It has taken me a few days to write because I wasn’t sure of what to say. So, instead of prolonging it, I’ll say– I’m not sure what to say. I am so sorry that you and your family have to endure this. I can’t imagine the pain and worry that you are going through. But, please know that while I do not know the right words to offer, I do have prayers to give. I will continue to pray for you, your family and the doctors. You are in God’s hands and you are safe. While we are far apart in miles and have not seen each other in quite a while, you are close to my heart. If there is anything that I can do for you, please let me know.
    Love, Lizzie Barnes

  27. Lisa Brown says:

    Wow! Rose, God is speaking through you and inspiring many I’m sure. I know that you don’t feel inspiring as you struggle to get through each day and prepare for eviction day! Your Chick Fil A story and the peppermint milkshake story are awesome! I too love peppermint. The shake is good, and I also love peppermint mocha. Starbucks doesn’t have their version yet, but McDonalds brought their version out early this year. I confess – I have already indulged! :o) I hope you enjoyed your peppermint indulgence today! Please know we are praying for you and walking this journey with you. As I read your posts, I can’t help but shed a few tears in your honor too!
    Love and prayers,
    Lisa Brown

  28. Nikki says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey and your incredible faith. Our family prays for you every day and we will continue to do so.

  29. Christy says:

    Dear friends,
    I am so sorry to hear this news. I cannot imagine the flood of emotions and thoughts you’ve experienced along this journey. I am so encouraged by your perspective and amazed by your faith in the midst of trial. May the Lord carry you gently and graciously through the wait, the surgery, and the recovery. May He give you moments of delight together as a family. We will be praying for you all and anxious to hear updates.
    Love and hugs from far away,

  30. Bill and Mary T. DeWorken says:

    You’ve all been in our prayers since we heard yesterday about the challenges you are facing. Faith will get you through this–God will carry you. Stay strong enough to fight but weak enough to rely on God. We love you!

  31. Beth Jones says:


    Your perspective is an amazing one, quite inspirational. I pray for your continued faithfulness and that you and your family find refuge, comfort, and much encouragement from God. Will be praying for you all. Love in Christ.

  32. Alison Johanson says:

    So glad that God allowed our paths to cross back at Chick-fil-A. My family will be praying for you each evening.

  33. Lisa says:

    Rob and Rose,

    We are praying for you! Stay positive, and know that you are being wrapped in prayers from many folks. God will see your family through this hurdle!
    Love and prayers,
    The Brown Family
    Phillip, Lisa, ‘Lissa and Brandon

  34. Susan Wyant says:

    Our prayers are with you – God is our strong tower that we can run to. Please let us know if there is anything we can do! Randy and Susan

  35. Brian and Rachel Hubler says:

    We are praying for you all a lot! Praying that you will continue to hang onto the Lord and each other and that He will guard your minds during this time (Philippians 4:6-9) and continue to give you peace. When really hard things come like this it can be when our relationship with Him and each other grows the most, praying this for you all!
    Brian and Rachel

  36. Rob and Rose … I will be praying for you both. You are a wonderful couple. I hardly know either of you but I already love you in the Lord!

  37. Sharon Broyles says:

    Rob and Rose,
    Both you and your family are in our prayers. We are so sorry you have to go through this. The docs sound positive so I hope you too can remain positive and know you have many many friends lifting you up.
    Love, The Broyles Family

  38. Megan Huebner (Best) says:

    My mom just called me with the news. I just wanted to let you know we will be praying for you all! Praying for your surgeons and thanking God for giving them such skilled hands and intellect. Praying for you Rob to keep strong for Rose and your beautiful girls. Praying hard for Rosemary that you will heal quickly and be back to your beautiful self in no time! All our love, Megan & Derek

  39. Tom Kotsch says:

    Rob and Rose,

    We have been keeping you both in our thoughts and prayers since we first found out. You both are strong and resilient and I have no doubt that you will get through this. It will eventually become a faded memory over the years, but the love and friendship you experience now will stay with you forever. Get well soon.

    Tom and Pam

  40. John Brodrick says:

    My deepest sympathies! This was quite a shock when I got the email last night. I am so glad to hear that things are looking positive though. I will keep Rose and the family in my thoughts and prayers. Best of luck with the operation, I am sure she will be back in action in no time!

  41. Katie E. says:

    Thank you for the updates. We are praying for Rose, her family and her doctors. Please let me know if we can offer any help to you.

  42. Judy Bouey says:

    Rob and Rosemary,
    I am praying for you as you tackle this difficult time. God is good and will see you through.

  43. Aunt Patti says:

    Thanks for the update, precious ones! You are totally surrounded and bathed in prayer. Many are walking this out with you, and we, too, are confident that the Lord has it all orchestrated. Love you!!

  44. Just wanted to let you know my prayers are with all of you guys and with the medical team performing the surgery. Thank God for medical advances that events like these can be considered fixable. Rosemary, may you keep strong, heal quickly, and know there are tons of prayers coming you and your families way.

  45. Roberta Monroe Ellis says:

    Rose and Rob know that prayers for you are coming from your family on the Gulf Coast. I know that God will wrap you in his arms and take good care of you both during this difficult time.

  46. Sherry Aylor says:

    Rob and Rose
    Jim and I are thinking of you and prayng for you along with many of our family and friends. We have faith that God will take care of you and the entire family through this time.

  47. Bobbi says:

    Rose I am so sorry you and Rob are having to deal with this. I know you are wrapped in God’s love and care. You are and will be in my prayers along with the love of everyone who knows you. Stay strong.

  48. Phillip Brown says:

    Rob and Rose,
    We have been hard at work extending the prayer chain far and wide. We have prayed for you daily since the day that Delight called. Please know that you are still thought of as one of ours here at HRBC. May God bless you both on each days journey through this unexpected turn in life. You will never be alone.

  49. Christopher and Kristen says:

    We so love you both dearly and we know the Lord has so much to do with you and through. Before we lay our heads down tonight we will be lifting you up in prayer, the Lord is strong in His healing and timing. Are hearts are with you, and if you ever need to talk we are a simple phone call away. We love you Rob and Rose.

    Love ,
    Christopher and Kristen

  50. Sara says:

    Rob and Rose, I am praying for you during this difficult time. I too am thankful for medical science and the good prognosis that is expected.

  51. Andrea Creighton says:

    If anyone can pull through this it is you my sweet friend Rose!! We will continue to pray for you and the family!! You are a wonderful and beautiful daughter of God–I know you are in good hands. Anything you need just let us know.

  52. Katie, MK and Claire Tylka says:

    My heart is heavy reading this message, but my spirit is high as I know that Rose is wrapped in a blanet of pink prayers and love. And that God IS indeed good all the time. Storming the heavens w prayers. I am so very grateful to you both for the impact you have made on my life and the future of my girls. You are your girls are daily in my prayers on a “normal” day…..but today, it is with total and complete belief that she is healed and God grace will carry you swiftly thru this.

  53. Ken Davis says:

    My thoughts are with you and Rose (you and Rob?). If you think that prayers from the likes of me will do any good, you can have those too.

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